natalie and shawn

natalie and shawn got married on november 18th at the riverside golf club in northeast portland. not only is their son one of the most adorable little boys ever, but natalie and shawn are both easy-going and fun, which made the whole experience a total joy! i shot this wedding with katie of katie jervis photography, which is always a good time. this past summer, katie and i shot natalie's sister's wedding, and it was really cool to see a lot of the family again, in a different season, at another exciting celebration.


oh, adeline!

yes, i love my dog like crazy, and since i don't have a child to photograph (yet!) adie gets drafted whenever i need a model. she has so much personality that she is a great subject, and if she's in the right mood, she will even pose for me. here are a few of my favorites. tell me she isn't adorable!